‘Envy’ by Framing Hanley


  • Kenneth Nixon / Vocals

  • Shad Teems / Drums

  • Ryan Belcher / Guitar

  • Nic Brooks / Guitars

  • Jonathan Stoye / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Say You Ever

  • Bubbles

  • Misery

  • Joke’s On Us

  • Forgiveness Is An Art

  • Puzzle Pieces

  • Maeve

  • Carousel

  • The Way Down

  • Throwing Knives

  • Counterfeit

  • Baggage Claim

“Say You Ever,”kicks off this record by Framing Hanley. It dips and dives, and on occasion somersaults through the air.

“Bubbles,” brings about a slightly sharper and more acerbic take to proceedings and demands that the listener pay attention throughout.

“Misery,” hits the listener right in the gut and continues to sneak its way through, even after all else seems settled. There’s a bit of distorted noise that really makes it hit the steps of the seance.

“Joke’s On Us,” brings back that sarcastic feeling and brings out a haunted melody that belies the vocal melodies.

“Forgiveness Is An Art,” has one truly memorable moment and that is the hardcore riffs that bleed out of the stereo in the first few moments of the song.

“Puzzle Pieces,” weaves its way in, diverting the cause and sharpening the noose. The listener is obliged to try and find where everything fits in and where it struggles.

“Maeve,” is darkly catchy, filled a little with a hook that takes over the song and really gets people thinking as if they’re stuck in the early 2000s.

“Carousel,” is haunting. Melodies filter through, sharpening their blades on the back of a performative edge that works its way through.

“The Way Down,” gets in on the act. It takes a turn here and there, brings about a little edge which slowly works its way through and ensures that the listener is hooked on the edge.

“Throwing Knives,” is dark and melancholic, a song that is imbued with a sense of loss and chaos.

“Counterfeit,” is filled with madness and works overtime, trying desperately to find where it is going and where to stop.

“Baggage Claim,” finishes things off nicely.