“Reanimation Of A Corpse,” begins things. It has a nice pounding rhythm to it and an ensuing direction of aggression and brutality. The vocals bring an added layer of heaviness. “Shearing Tendon,” is another song that is straight out of the brutal cook book. Dancing around, it shapes itself around the heaviness of the riff. “Writhing,” is slower on the uptake; filled with enough energy and grit to keep the listener hooked from the off. “Foaming At The Mouth,” comes barrelling out with sludge and grudge.

“Skeptor God,” is a driving force; filled with energy and directness. The vocals and riffs are filled with energy and steam. “Servants Of Death,” is brutal. The riffs snake around and the vocals snarl and bite. “The Siren,”  a brutal discovery in the art of the monstrous capabilities of metal. “Rise of Disease,” continues this path of discovery with more brutality. “Fester,” dances around, producing more than one catchy hook and dive.

The album is out on 1st October.