FIRST SIGNAL line of fire COVER.jpg

“Born To Be A Rebel,” starts off with some epic guitar duelling, with the synths slowly moving into being, creating something truly fascinating. When the vocals shift in, one gets the feeling that they are going to be in for a treat. “A Million Miles.” slows things down, shifting this way and that, creating the sense that something heartfelt is coming. “The Last Of My Broken Heart,” is another powerful mover that takes charge and leads through the front. “Tonight We Are The Only,” is a galloping moving, full frontal assault that takes everything by the balls. “Walk Through The Fire,” another rocker, with eighties grooves and melodies. “Never Look Back,” gallops and speeds through with the synths laying down an absolute treat.

“Line of Fire,” the title track comes barrelling in with all the attitude and absolute power within and without. Making the listener pay attention and move their head with grace. “Here With You,” slows things down allowing the acoustic guitars to take charge and shift the melodies one way and then another. “Need You Now,” comes in rocking hardcore, taking everything one way and then the next without pause. “Falling,” a hardcore rocker that slows down for no one. “The End Of The World,” gallops through powering in.

The album is out on 17th May via Frontiers Music.