‘Rage Of War’ by Fireforce


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Rage of War

  • March Or Die

  • Ram It

  • Firepanzer

  • Running

  • Forever In Time

  • 108-118

  • Army of Ghosts

  • Rats In A Maze

  • A Price To Pay

  • From Scout To Liberator

  • Blood Judge

  • Tale Of The Desert King

“Rage of War,” the title track gallops along at a frenetic pace, bringing with it some serious ammo. The guitars are fierce, the vocals are fiercer, everything just clicks. “March Or Die,” brims with potential and chaotic energy. The song bounds with relief and energy, pushing the listener to its very core. “Ram It,” smacks the listener in the face, delivering a slanderous one-two punch to get things going. “Firepanzer,” is heavy and melodic, combining the best of both to deliver a song that is anthemic.

“A Price To Pay,” hits hard. A song that moves through the emblematic stages into something that is pure chaos. “From Scout To Liberator,” hits the world hard, bringing the chaos into a suitable portion and delivering a restive nation toward deliverance. “Blood Judge,” hits differently. Smashing through boundaries and allowing the chaos to grow. “Tale Of The Desert King,” is heavy and anthemic. A great finisher.

The album is out on 15th January.