‘Enigma’ by Fallen Arise


  • Fiona Creaby / Vocals

  • Vlassis K. / Vocals

  • Giacomo Paradiso / Guitar

  • Paul Kull Culley / Bass

  • Gus Dibelas / Keyboards

  • MariosK. / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • In Adentu Deorum

  • Enigma

  • Reborn

  • Forskaken

  • Embers

  • Without Disguise

  • Released

  • Forever Winter

  • Horizon

  • The Storm Inside

“In Adentu Deorum,”is a brilliantly executed orchestral piece that moves through the landscape, delivering sharp twists and turns for days.

“Enigma,” comes in with a symphonic battering ram, slowly shifting the texture and the pulse of proceedings and pressing the listener into new forms of contemplation. The musicianship is simply out of this world, and the melodies jive incredibly well with the overall performance structure of things.

“Reborn,” gallops on the path edge, delivering a slow but sumptuous performance. The vocals are filled with energy and seduction, slowly wheeling the listener into a sense of security before exploiting that for their own ends.

“Forsaken,” produces an interesting little jive and shake. A slow moving growth that allows for reflection.

“Embers,” gets the symphonic elements and the heaviness just right. The song moves quite nicely through a twist and a turn, to produce something quite compelling.

“Without Disguise,” slowly moves in, terraforming into a new sort of beast. The guitars bring about a moving rhythm that really gets the listener hooked before the charm comes in and completely captures them.

“Released,” has the added benefit of having the piano melody front and centre. As such when the guitars come in they are able to bounce off the energy created by the piano to really dig in.

“Forever Winter,” is melodic and thoughtful. A song that is perfectly fitting for this dark and dreary season, as it adds a layer of brightness to proceedings.

“Horizon,” slowly weaves itself in. Twisting and contorting before reaching perfection.

“The Storm Inside,” growls with freneticism and darkness. The perfect finisher.

The album is out on 10th April via ROAR