Falcun Kingdome Come.jpg

A Bard’s Tale is epic, a great mix of soaring riffs, leads and vocals, with a fierce intensity that only a metal song could have. A brilliant opener. Vixen is another heavy song, with big, furious riffs, a dancing gallop links it together with more heavier elements. The vocals are snarling and soaring. Brotherhood of Steel is slow, thumping and intimidating, the bass line brings some serious guts to the song, whilst the guitars add the thunder. Only Be One is galloping, fierce and snarling, some brilliant guitar work. Hymn of the Damned shivers, and is epic, the perfect prelude to something to come.

That something is Eye Of The Storm, a song that has seriously awesome riffs, and a sharp vocal melody interwoven with some heaviness. Child of Prophecy dances, slithers and snakes through, the guitars are filled with energy, and the vocals pierce the sound barrier. Martyr is slower, and epic for it. The vocals soar, the guitars roar, and the band sound on fire throughout. Knightfall is filled with piercing riffs, and dancing melodies, the perfect finisher.

The album delivers a knock out. And is out on 11th June via Eat Metal Records.