‘From A Dying Ember’ by Falconer


  • Mathias Blad / Vocals

  • Stefan Weinerhall / Guitar

  • Jimmy Hedlund / Guitar

  • Magnus Linhardt / Bass

  • Karsten Larsson / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Kings and Queens

  • Desert Dreams

  • Redeem and Repent

  • Bland Sump och Dy

  • Fool’s Crusade

  • Garnets and a Gilded Rose

  • In Regal Attire

  • Rejoice The Adorned

  • Testify

  • Thrust The Dagger Deep

  • Rapture

“Kings and Queens,”the opening track on this fantastic new album by Falconer, really hits with a punch to the gut. The riffs are flowing and fabulous, the melodies are enticing, everything sinks into being and just flows naturally. A strong showing from the band first up.

“Desert Dreams,” hits hard. The riffs are powerful and crushing. The movement and rhythm of proceedings is something spell binding. The vocals are crunching and crushing.

“Redeem and Repent,” comes in with a powerful riff, a song that filters through into differing elements. Slowly and surely it builds into a rager.

“Bland Sump och Dy,” is a slower song, one that enables the vocals to really shine through. And shine they do, traversing up and down through the pastures.

“Fool’s Crusade,” gets the wheel turning, pushing the listener to consider something new and thoughtful. The vocal melodies sweep up and down the scale, enticing the listener with their variations. The guitars hit hard then, pushing things to a whole new level.

“Garnets and a Gilded Rose,” rolls through. A song that has a syncopated rhythm and entices the listener into something new and refreshing. The acoustics are simply perfect.

“In Regal Attire,” builds from the previous song, but this time adds extra oomph to make sure the song stands out and can be classified as a rager.

“Rejoice The Adorned,” slows things down somewhat. Allowing vocalist Mathias Bland to truly show off where his pipes can go.

“Testify,” amplifies things significantly, pushing the barriers down and streaming through into a new life.

“Thrust The Dagger Deep,” roars into being. A song that mixes together melody, heaviness and complexity to really allow the band shine through.

“Rapture,” finishes off proceedings with a flourish. The texture of the song is such that it really gets things going and pushes everything to the limit.

This incredible album is out on 26th June via Metal Blade Records.