‘Skol’ by Faithful Breath


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Start It Up,” is a ripper right from the start. That opening riff salvo immediately grabs the listener by the neck and pulls them in close, smashing down their constraints and their unwillingness.

“Double Dealer,” roars through the periphery, demanding to be heard and unleashing the inner mastermind of us all.

“Rock Rebels,” gets the hooks in. That opening riff is powerful stuff, it shimmers through the line, pushing and pulsating with serious groove.

“Inside Out,” turns through, unleashing the band’s inner madman, and it is an enjoyable ride, it must be said.

“Backstreet Heros,” is a masterpiece, it moves with groove and grace, slamming down hard and fast and capturing the moment.

“Skol,” finishes things off, it is ready and filled with rage, turning through the pressurepoint and unleashing chaos.

The album is out on 22nd January via High Roller Records.