What inspired the name of the band? What are your influences and are they the same as when you started out?

The bands name was inspired by a Small Faces lyric “rest my eyes in shades of
green” i.e to get lost in something very deeply and it can be interpreted in multiple
ways. We knew we were the Shades, and then we bolted on Faded to let it roll off the
tongue and make it unique! Our hero’s are likes of Oasis, Rolling Stones & Foo
Fighters primarily but we each individually have very different tastes, which is what I
believe gives us a great sound!

How do you approach songwriting?

Joe is our primary song writer and brings an acoustic skeleton of a song to jam along
to. Some of them stick, and some of them don’t, some of them end up sounding
nothing like the original and others make the cut exactly as planned! A songs
evolution is a hard thing to pin down and it should never be limited by a theme, it
should just grow organically with the feeling.

Why do you write the music that you do?

“Oh nice question; songwriting is a kind of relief process and a way of turning
heartache into artwork. The sort of music you write is all dependant on what is going
on in your life at the time, at least if its coming from the heart. A song is just a
perception of the environment a songwriter is put in emotionally at any given time or
a way of summarising a chapter in life.” – Joe

How do you decide what songs to perform live?

We just pick the biggest bangers. The ones you can dial up the distortion and jump
about to because we are more often than not playing to small sweaty crowds who just
want to blow the roof off and have a few beers. We would love to reach a stage were
having a cool off chill period in the middle of our sets would be appreciated and
welcomed, but for now we play to the crowd! Go big, go loud and go hard.

What plans do you have for the future?

Releasing more singles with Animal Farm! Rolling on from our current new single
“Waiting on Tomorrow” is a few more tunes recorded last summer and waiting to
please the ears of current and new listeners globally! We also hope to tour. Keep up
to date with our movements by following our social media accounts
@fadedshadesband and don’t forget to follow Faded Shades on spotify and all major
streaming services! The future is bright, the future is Faded Shades!