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I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris and Phyllis from Eynomia:

1. What inspired the name of the band, and what are your influences?
The name Eynomia comes from (Eunomia) who is the goddess of goodness and justice.  Phyllis is really into Greek mythology.   The name fits they type of genera we are, symphonic rock/metal.
(Chris) As a guitarist i love many styles from blues rock to metal .. but for this band from a guitar approach we were hoping to capture a classic sound with a modern edge so the more raw sound of bands like Queensryche and Judas priest were felt but also visiting the touch of bands like Within Temptation and Nightwish. This gives the band its full sound and also giving us musical dynamics with the use of Jimmy’s keyboards expertise and the excellent melodies of the vocals thanks to Phyllis of course.
(Phyllis) And we can’t forget Gitaeno’s epic drum tacks and the melodic bass lines of the infamous Mike LePond!
2. Could you talk through the process of writing and recording the new record?
 (Chris) hahaha lots and lots of back and forth on the internet and phone calls discussing arrangements and parts.everyone was very generous with their time and contributed perfectly.
3. You’ve all had experience elsewhere, does that help shape the way you interact with one another?
 (Chris) Yes i think we get along really well after many years in the music business i think we all really just get down to business when we need to but we still have fun !! i do think we have some great chemistry and it shows in the songs.
 (Phyllis) These have got to be some of the nicest most professional musicals that i’ve been privileged to work with. It was the most amazing experience to see the songs grow into what they have become. I’m really looking forward to the next album.
4. What’s your favourite song from the new record?
 (Chris) Its a tie for me “Someday” and “When its over”
( Phyllis) I like the title track “Break Free” and “Till We Meet Again” cause Chris does this killer solo in the middle of it. Also Jimmy does an AMAZING job playing piano on the ballad, “Through Your Eyes” and his solo makes me cry almost every time i hear it.
5. What plans do you have for the future?
(Both) Definitely another album… shows if feasible.. we would love to do some festivals. Where ever we can go! The sky’s the limit!