‘Nightmare Theatre’ by Exorcist


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Black Mass,” kicks off proceedings with a suitably haunting and jarring melody. It turns into a monster thrash as quickly as it can.

“Burnt Offerings,” roars into being, turning the screws and slapping the whirlpool through the darkness.

“Possessed,” runs the gamut, slinking through and abound. Hinting at destruction and chaos for all.

“Death By Bewitchment,” runs through and runs out. A song that turns all about itself.

“Execution of Witches,” runs and turns. Hiding through and turningnout.

“Megawatt Mayhem,” hits hard and burns with unbridled passion.

“Queen Of The Dead,” turns in and out, slithering into the darkness of time.

“Spin Your Heads Around Backwards,” is the ultimate calling card.

The album is out on 28th May.