“My Redemption,” comes in thick and fast, with some seriously heavy riffage and a groovy ass melody. “Never Surrender,” continues and dances through the tracts of destruction. “Need For Speed,” is just that, fast and furious with attitude. “Fire,” takes the energy through and rushes it into the world. “Fight For Metal,” is a great start to the procession. “Follow Your Dream,” slows things down a tad, before increasing the heaviness by several notches.

“Power and Glory,” is a riff mastery. “Hard Life,” shifts into gears and produces some fascinating work on the riffs and the melodies. “The Greatest Loss,” shifts the tone and changes things up a little and then a lot. “Revenge,” hammers home some ultimate truths. “Y.P.M.O,” snarls.

The album is out on June 28th via Sliptrick Records.