‘Age of Heroes’ by Eregion


  • Mauro Colbacchini / Vocals

  • Gianluca de Lotto / Guitar

  • Giorgio Colbacchini / Guitar

  • Silvio Brusa / Bass

  • Andrea Muscarello / Drums

  • Leitzimaria Gatti / Vocals and Violin


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Sacred Woods

  • Wings of Eagle

  • Jotunheim

  • The Stolen Hammer

  • Ascalon

  • Hands of Aesir

  • Balder’s Bane

  • Hermod The Brave

  • I, Hel

  • New Order

  • O Hey, O Ho

“Sacred Woods,” kicks things off. The instrumentation on this track is haunting and slightly surreal. It sets up quite a nice sense of foreboding for what is to come.

“Wings Of Eagle,” hits like a ten tonne hammer. The guitars carry a galloping rhythm over the sound of a triplet melody. The vocals come in and soon enough the listener is carried on to another world.

“Jotunheim,” takes the listener on an epic journey. Narrating the netherworlds and the journeys of old. The vocals are strong and quite melodic, whilst the instrumentation is upbeat and anthemic in parts.

“The Stolen Hammer,” is an epic. Turning through the slight shifts in tempo, growing in stature and measurement. It growls and snaps with the added bite of a band who are hitting their stride.

“Ascalon,” is the real riff rager. It takes a turn from the beginning, unleashing a torrent of some of the finest riffs you’ve ever heard.

“Hands of Aesir,” is another epic song. Carved into the fibres of this song is the call and repeat method of audience participation.

“Balder’s Bane,” slowly works its way into being. The acoustic melodies filter through, shifting the tone and the scope. Working their way through and ensuring that the listener is hooked. There’s a sense of loss and mourning within the strands of this song. A sense that grows as it progresses.

“Hermod The Brave,” picks things up again. The guitars work their way through a duelling melody, the drums pound away. All in all the listener is treated to some fine performances.

“I, Hel,” is dark and foreboding. The guitars create an atmospheric pull around the song as the listener gets amped up to listening to the next moments of pure epicness.

“New Order,” is a riff rager, that is just pure chaos and riff ecstasy.

”O Hey, O Ho,” is an upbeat finale to the album. Filled with buoyant riffs and melodies, the listener is left feeling energised at the end.

The album is out on 13th December via Rockshots Records.