‘1991-Images From Floating Worlds’ by Enter


  • Vittorio Ballerio / Vocals

  • Marco Ferranti / Drums

  • Gabriele Bulfon / Keyboards

  • Franco Avalli  / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Atlantis (An Empire)

  • Still Ages

  • Lemuria

  • Enter

  • Holy Office

  • Gondwana

“Atlantis (An Empire),”kicks off proceedings and boy does it get things off to a grand start. The keys and the drums work together to produce something sonically inspiring and intimidating whilst the vocals haunt the pasture of time and space.

“Still Ages,” another song that really captures the spirit of the time. Slowly moving in and out without a care and then subtly changing textures to produce a rolling thunder.

“Lemuria,” embraces the heart of 70s prog rock. Rushing through the strands of time and delivering something incredibly sonically pleasing.

“Enter,” is the shortest track on the record, and the one most likely to cause all sorts of queries to arise in the listener’s mind through its melodical choices.

“Holy Office,” pushes the boundaries forward, twisting and turning at the strand and ensuring the listener collects what they need.

“Gondwana,” is a journey, one that takes the listener as far as needed before delivering them into a world of uncertainty.

The album is out on 18th September.