‘Thalassic’ by Ensiferum


  • Petri Lindroos / Vocals and Guitar

  • Markus Toivonen / Guitar and Vocals

  • Sami Hinkka / Bass and Vocals

  • Janne Parviainen / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Seafarer’s Dream

  • Rum, Women, Victory

  • Andromeda

  • The Defence Of The Sampo

  • Run From The Crushing Tide

  • For Sirens

  • One With The Sea

  • Midsummer Magic

  • Cold Northland

  • Merille Lahteva

  • I’ll Stay By Your Side

“Seafarer’s Dream,”eases the listener into the new Ensiferum album, showing that as time progresses maturity comes. The melodies are something to behold.

“Rum, Women, Victory,” however brings the playful side of the band back into focus. The riffs are simply blinding, the melodies are to the fore and the vocals, well if they don’t make you want to scream along, there’s something wrong with you.

“Andromeda,” brings the seriousness back. The instrumentation works up a storm, shifting through the variations before allowing the melodies to come in and shift in large numbers.

“The Defence Of The Sampo,” pushes hard and fast, slamming into the twisting spheres of time.

“Run From The Crushing Tide,” hits hard. A song that is built on a furious riff to dominate the ages. The gang chants are something to behold.

“For Sirens,” is anthemic, that opening melody line confirms it. As the song progresses, there is more confirmation that this is a song that will get people singing along.

“One With The Sea,” is haunting, ethereal and simply fantastic. A song that combines multiple elements to produce something so epic and melodic it should be criminal. The opening lines of this song will definitely capture the listener’s attention.

“Midsummer Magic,” mixes things up ever so slightly, shifting the tenor and the tempo. Bringing together an interesting perspective for the listener. Melody and heaviness take a dance together and produce something compelling.

“Cold Northland,” is to put it simply, epic. The melodies, the instrumentation, all of it bounds together to produce something of epic proportions.

“Merille Lahteva,” provides a bit of interesting respite.

“I’ll Stay By Your Side,” is a heavy finisher.

Be sure to get this masterclass in folk metal when it is released on 10th July via Metal Blade.