‘Forthcoming Past’ by Endless Chain


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Forthcoming Past,” starts things off with an epic melody. It turns through the slow manoeuvre and shifts the grouping toward darkness. It allows the listener to truly get into the headspace of the band and enjoy the darkness to come.

“Hold Out Hope,” shimmers and shifts. Slowly turning the screws forward and backward, leveraging a inner medium to drive things toward the gate of time.

“A Letter,” slowly works itself into being. Bringing together an intriguing dynamic and hinting at something more lurking beneath the shadows.

“Feel,” haunts the periphery, turning through and turning out.

“Scars On Me,” works into being the dynamic solitude of time and space. Leveraging the compound of time and space, hinting at a darkness of time and space.

“The Memories,” runs the gamut. A song that hints at power and delivers in full throttle.

The album is out on 25th June.