‘1823’ by Embr


  • Crystal Bigelow / Vocals

  • Eric Bigelow / Drums

  • Mark Buchanan / Guitar

  • Alan Light / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Prurient

  • Where I’ve Been

  • Stranger

  • Powder

  • Eyes Like Knives

  • Your Burden

  • Vines

“Prurient,”kicks off 1823, the album by Embr that is a tribute to an anonymous kidney donor. It is a furious riff sandwich, a song that weaves in and out of the tapestry of time.

“Where I’ve Been,” another song that really sets the world alight. Burning with passion and deliverance, the song is filled with a dirge set riff.

“Stranger,” works through the motions, a song that carefully builds up into something new and thoughtful. Embr really work the room.

“Powder,” shambles onward, delivering a crushing movement in the one handed riff monster machine. A song that really shows off where the band is going.

“Eyes Like Knives,” sees Embr unleash chaos on the world.

“Your Burden,” shimmers and shakes.

“Vines,” works the metal, pushing through and distorting the cacophonies.

This Embr album is fantastic, be sure to get it when it is released on July 17th.