‘Voyage Of The Eagle’ by Elixir


  • Paul Taylor / Vocals

  • Phil Denton / Guitar

  • Norman Gordon / Guitar

  • Luke Fabian / Bass

  • Nigel Dobbs / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Drink To The Devil

  • Press Ganged

  • Horizons

  • The Siren’s Song

  • Sail On

  • Onward Through The Storm

  • Mutiny

  • Almost There

  • Whisper On The Breeze

  • Evermore

Elixir, a band that are credited with starting the power metal genre return with a new album entitled Voyage Of The Eagle.

“Drink To The Devil,” kicks things off right away with a searing melodical harmonised riff that gets the listener hooked. When the big churner of a riff that starts the verse comes in, you know business has begun. The vocals snarl and all in all this is a strong opener.

“Press Ganged,” slams hard. The riffs are brutal and executed with savage precision. The vocals snap and snarl, whilst the rhythm section keeps everything tightly held together. A brilliantly executed number.

“Horizons,” provides some brief respite, in the form of a harmonised melodies which shimmer and shake.

“The Siren’s Song,” is a mighty ode to the creature of the deep. The guitars bring up the epicness through their mixing of big fat riffs and slow and tender melodies. As the vocals come in the story unfolds, there’s a real Black Sabbath type feeling to proceedings here, and you can tell that the band are having a lot of fun. This is an epic number that is sure to get people going when performed live.

“Sail On,” haunts the periphery slowly creeping through the woodwork to produce something quite chaotic and powerful. Paul Taylor’s vocals really steal the show here and ensure the listener is immediately singing along.

“On Through The Storm,” hits like a battering ram. Immediately slamming into gear and delivering a riff driven frenzy. A song that is sure to get people moving and shaking when played live.

“Mutiny,” has a casual swagger about it, as if it knows just where it needs to be and how many people are going to be looking at it and admiring it.

“Almost There,” takes an interesting slant to proceedings. Moving with that standard fare of a one-two beat for the riff, with the sharpening solo, the vocals come in with a bite, and ensuring the story continues to unfold whilst the listener is continuously hooked wanting more.

“Whisper On The Breeze,” haunts the surroundings, delivering one fitting line after another.

“Evermore,” starts off slowly before moving into an absolutely crunch-tastic riff affair that brings about a great sense of joy and purpose.

The album is out on 6th March via Dissonance Productions, do yourself a favour and get this record!