‘Dancing In Hell’ by Eleine


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Enemies

  • Dancing In Hell

  • Ava of Death

  • Crawl From The Ashes

  • As I Breathe

  • Memoriam

  • Where Your Rotting Corpse Lies

  • All Shall Burn

  • Die From Within

  • The World We Knew

  • Die From Within (Symphonic Version)

Eleine return from hibernation to produce one of the finest albums of 2020, an album of heaviness, melody and symphony.

“Enemies,” is a brutal battering ram that catches the listener by the ear and takes them on a perilous journey through differing musical modes and keeps them hooked on the edge. The vocals combine to do something magical to reinforce the point. “Dancing In Hell,” the title track of the album wraps the listener in something heavy and then proceeds to batter them for five minutes. There are subtle overtones, and pressing points that bring the song into the mainstream, one of those being the duelling vocal lines that add to the sense of grandeur. “Ava Of Death,” is anthemic, a song that whirls through the twisting vines of time to produce something truly magical.

“Where Your Rotting Corpse Lies,” slams down hard, bringing together the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face. “All Shall Burn,” roars into the afternoon light with piercing precision, lifting the veil of the world through the tumult of the times. The vocals are seductive and chaotic. “Die From Within,” allows the guitars to take things to the top, brimming with melody and class, the song simply oozes epicness on a scale not seen before. “The World We Knew,” slows things down and fades out.

The album is simply phenomenal, be sure to get it when it is released on 6th November via Black Lodge.