“Rock N Roll Radio,” kicks things off. It goes from good to great and you really get the sense that the band are enjoying things, taking it through the streets and out onto the stage. “False Flag Operation,” takes the road, swaggering through with some seriously choppy riffs and some interesting vocal hooks. “Lucy Glow,” roars into being, taking the bluesy background and raging on and on. “White Flag,” keeps it going, turning the screw one way on the swagger train. “Swagman,” gets it going once more, turning through and out, letting things settle and then growing them out again.

“Back To You,” really gets the audience going. There’s something about that rolling riff that encourages the shifting turn and change of things. “Running Out of Time,” brings the thunder, swaggering around like a mad man. “Day Off,” smashes down the table, shifting and growing through the world. “The Man From Outer Space,” swaggers, and roars with the machinery to work. “The Thinner The Eyebrow, The Crazier The Woman,” gets mad and then gets crazy and then lets loose.

The album is out on 6th December via Mighty Music.

You can catch the guys out on tour at the following dates:

05.12.19 – Beta2300 – København
12.12.19 – Pavillonen – Grenå
13.12.19 – Tøjhuset – Fredericia
14.12.19 – Cosmorama – Bramming
19.12.19 – Posten – Odense
20.12.19 – Gimle – Roskilde