On Sunday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Paul from Eden’s Curse to talk about the band and their future plans:

1. Could you tell me a bit about the name of the band and your influences?

“Well the band name kind of came from a bit of a lucky draw. I was browsing through various things and had found something called Sins of Eden, which sounded cool and then I went on Amazon and typed in a name suggestion and it came up with a porno mag with the name ‘Eden’s Curse.’ Which sounded pretty cool. As for influences, well it varies you know. Dokken, Queensyrche, Yngwie Malmsteem, we’ve got a huge melting pot of influences really.”

2. As your career has progressed have you noticed any changes to the band in terms of performance and writing?

“I think we certainly write better songs now than we did when started out, but that’s just part of the evolution of the band as we’ve gotten to know one another. We learned to take chances and just explore ourselves as a unit when we perform live as well.”

3. What was the thinking behind the compilation album Testament?

“Well it was mainly to give the record company something to tide over whilst we write the new album, and also to give us some money to fund the tour! Haha. But also to offer fans and new listeners a bit of perspective of our career so far.”

4. Could you tell me a little bit about the new album you’ve got in the works?

“It’s a concept album, we’re in the writing stage right now, so we’re going to take our time and ensure it’s done perfectly. I think it’ll be a year or two year process.”

5. Favourite song to play live?

“There’s a few. Jericho, No Holy Man, Symphony of Sin, all those sorts of songs that get the crowd going.”


Testament, the new Eden’s Curse compilation album is out now via AFM Records.