‘The Great Momentum’ by Edenbridge


  • Sabine Edelsbache / Vocals

  • Dominik Sebastian / Guitar

  • Lanvall / Guitars, Keyboards

  • tefan Gimpl / Bass

  • Johannes Jungreithmeier / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Shiantara

  • The Die Is Not Cast

  • The Moment Is Now

  • Until the End of Time

  • The Visitor

  • Return to Grace

  • Only a Whiff of Life

  • A Turnaround in Art

  • The Greatest Gift of All

Formed in 1998 in Austria, Edenbridge are a symphonic metal band that bring big chops to the metal game. Their previous albums have established them as big players in the genre, and their devoted fan base has ensured that they continue to make symphonic metal a world class genre. Four years after their last album The Bonding they return with their new album The Great Momentum.

“Shianatra,”is the opening track on the record. Starting off with a slow echoing riff, it brings about chills immediately making the listener stand up and pay attention. It moves into a groove influenced riff and verse that brings the eerie vocals right to the fore, making the fittingly epic solo all the more impactful as a result. A great opener.

“The Die Is Not Cast,” starts with an acoustic scale, before moving into chromatic riffs that really show off guitarists Lanvall and Dominik Sebastien’s chops. Soaring vocals from vocalist Sabine make this track a certainty for a live favourite.

“The Moment Is Now,” follows, keyboard introduction gives way to swaggering riffs and defiant vocals with big choruses, another song that should regularly grace the setlist.

“Until The End Of Time,” begins with a piano and electric solo duel, with Sabine providing soaring and epic vocals, to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, a real different song compared to others on the record, and a nice change of pace.

“The Visitor,” is heavy, increasing in speed and tempo, big orchestral arrangements add to the grandiosity of the track with the vocals being fierce, and ensuring that this is another song that should feature on the live setlists.

“Return To Grace,” brings an interesting element to the album, starting as it does with an oriental almost Indian intro, before moving to a heavy headbanging riff, moving gradually to a tapping interlude that creates a sense of intensity, and with the Indian motif closing out the song, it really stands out and makes the track seem like a new journey.

“Only A Whiff Of Life,” is a heavy song, both musically and lyrically. Dealing with various feelings and thoughts that one can have, the musical interludes of the piano and  the acoustic guitar make this a uniquely heavy song.

“A Turnaround In Art,” is a slow heavy groover of a song, with big vocals and soaring orchestral arrangements, making things seem even more epic than they were before.

“The Greatest Gift Of All,” is the final song on the album, starting with big chordal arrangements and moving into solo shifts, showcasing the talents of all the band, it brings huge riffs and vocals and choruses throughout the twelve minute journey, leaving the listener wanting more.

With these epic songs, Edenbridge has really hit a winner here. The album has variety, and takes you on a journey that when it ends with the last notes of the final song, you do not want to stop, you want to keep going. That is the sign of a true masterpiece. I give the album a solid ten out of ten.