‘The Chronicles of Eden Pt.2’ by Edenbridge


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Higher,” starts things off for this retrospective. A song that combines intricate piano work with a soaring melody and a powerful guitar crunch to really deliver the day for the listener.

“Alight A New Tomorrow,” ventures into the mystical forbearance that brings with it something close to chaos and the old world. Delivering a slamming of the chaos and corruption.

“Shadowplay,” ventures into heavy riff territory, brimming with chaos and energy, it sends the world through to the turnstile of time.

“Dynamind,” captures the emotion and soars through. The vocals are simply phenomenal.

“Brothers on Diamir,” is an intricate song that weaves its way into the listener’s mind, burning a hole brightly through the catacombs of time.

“Taurengold,” soars into the eery morning light, dusting off the dirt and putting on a new and replenished outfit that brims with confidence and charm.

“Mystic River,” brings the heaviness forward once more, slamming into the turnstile.

“The Memory Hunter,” hits hard and brings the passionate growth of time forward, with a slamdunk and a turnstile of rage.

“Paramount,” delivers a thunderous decoration of time and nonsense.

The album is out on 15th January via Steamhammer/SPV.