Dynamind by Edenbridge


  • Sabine Edelsbacher / Vocals

  • Lanvall / Guitars, Keyboards

  • Dominik Sebastian / Guitar

  • tefan Gimpl / Bass

  • Johannes Jungreithmeier / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • The Memory Hunter

  • Live And Let Go

  • Where Oceans Collide

  • On The Other Side

  • All Our Yesterdays

  • The Edge Of Your World
  • Tauerngold
  • What Dreams May Come

  • The Last Of His Kind

  • Dynamind


“The Memory Hunter,” kicks things off on this latest Edenbridge album with a thunderous riff, turning the screws and bringing some fascinating little hooks and twists to the fore. Shimmering into being are the vocals that enchant and hook the listener completely.

“Live and Let Go,” is huge and symphonic, turning and twisting into being. It continues through on a nice melodical line, as the vocals truly shine through.

“Where Oceans Collide,” gallops into being, smashing down the boundaries, turning around and then doing it all over again. Truly delivering something magical.

“On The Other Side,” has a hint of Irish melodies to it, galloping into being with a tasteful little jaunt as the guitars get into place and grow heavier and fuller.

“All Our Yesterdays,” slows things down bringing out the cleaner melodies and allowing them space to grow and flourish.

“The Edge of Your World,” brings about ferociousness and a rage that ensures everything dangles on the knife’s edge.

“Tauerngold,” is a unique song, twisting the lines through and bringing something fascinating to bear, allowing the listener to fully enjoy the works of the days gone by and some newer measures.

“What Dreams May Come,” brings together something new and old, bringing the synths to the forefront whilst allowing a slight twisting of the knife in a new way.

“The Last Of His Kind,” roars into being, bringing everything floating through, twisting and biting with a line here and there.

“Dynamind,” closes things off allowing the vocals to really shine through.

The album is out on 25th October via Steamhammer/SPV.