‘Costly Signals’ by Dyssidia


  • Mitch Brackman / Vocals

  • Corey Davis / Guitar

  • Neil Palmer / Bass

  • Dimitri Ioannou / Keyboards

  • Liam Weedall / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Thrive

  • The Gutted Stag

  • Infinitesimal

  • Bloodrush

  • Arrival

  • An Obvious Antidote

  • Metamorphosis

  • Good Grief

  • Hope’s Remorseful Retreat

  • If Truth Be Told

“Thrive,”starts things off for Adelaide’s finest Dyssidia. A song that combines various elements together to produce a blend that is quite honestly, one of the must surreal experiences of this year so far.

“The Gutted Stag,” comes in big and heavy. The riffs are thunderous, the instrumentation as a whole is brutal. And when the vocals kick in, there’s that added sense of desperation.

“Infinitesimal,” is an assault on the senses. It comes at you from all angles and spreads quickly.

“Bloodrush,” turns the screws ever so slightly, whilst adding a mixed reprieve to allow for breathing time. Slowly and steadily, the song picks up once more to truly fit the name.

“Arrival,” is thoughtful, pausing every so often to deliver an interesting little bit of press ganged activity.

“An Obvious Antidote,” provides a clearer picture, providing scope and means.

“Metamorphosis,” grooves with the patience of a saint and adds in a few hooks to keep the listener well and truly engaged. There’s something quite brilliant about this execution really.

“Good Grief,” is haunting. The bass really adds a whole other layer to proceedings, getting the ground running into a finely tuned press.

“Hope’s Remorseful Retreat,” pounds the listener into dust, ensuring that there is little but the dark unwinding to truly focus on.

“If Truth Be Told,” pushes at the sonisphere, slowly pressing the tunes and whistles into being.

The album is out on March 27th.