‘The Dark Delight’ by Dynazty


  • Nils Molin / Vocals

  • Love Magnusson / Guitar

  • Mike Lavér / Guitar

  • Jonathan Olsson / Bass

  • George Egg / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Presence of Mind

  • Paradise Of The Architect

  • The Black

  • From Sound To Silence

  • Hologram

  • Heartless Madness

  • Waterfall

  • Threading The Needle

  • The Man And The Elements

  • Apex

  • The Road To Redemption

  • The Dark Delight

“Presence Of Mind,”kicks things off immediately. It’s frenetic and anthemic. The vocals lead the charge and ensure that the listener is immediately hooked and wanting more.

“Paradise Of The Architect,” is frenetic as well. A song that brims with energy and melody. A song that enables the band to truly show off their skills and their capabilities.

“The Black,” starts off brilliantly with the duelling guitars and soon moves into an anthemic harmonising song that is led by the vocals. A song that is sure to get people singing their heads off.

“From Sound To Silence,” another song that fuses tech with the harder edged stuff. A song that truly brims with energy and light, a song that delivers passion and sincerity.

“Hologram,” starts off softly with the piano, and then steadily gets heavier, bringing together competing elements to smash down boundaries and produce something fantastical.

“Heartless Madness,” is truly on point. A song that brims with energy and light. A song that is sure to get people singing along when performed live.

“Waterfall,” a song that has gotten great reviews beforehand, really fits in quite nicely with the set up of the album. The vocals are filled with passion, the guitars are jagged and there’s a real sense that there’s been suitable up for something this epic.

“Threading The Needle,” is simply epic, there’s no two ways about it.

“The Man And The Elements,” takes a nice turn, twisting ever so slowly here and there, bringing together light and energy for all to share.

“Apex,” takes on a slightly darker tint and the instrumentation reflects this.

“The Road To Redemption,” brims with energy and madness.

“The Dark Delight,” finishes things off nicely, an anthemic finisher.

The album is out on 3rd April via AFM Records.