They’ve been compared to Delain and Nightwish, but Dreams in Fragments aren’t either band, they’re not a tribute, they’re their own unique brand of awesomeness mixed together in a defiant cocktail of anger and melody.

“Everytime,” has an added layer of heaviness thrown together for the chaos and the mixture of elements both good and bad. The vocals mix themselves together before floating in on the wind as the chaos grows. “Nightchild,” is heavy, the guitars keep things going with a sordid rhythm and a mixture of pain and pleasure thrown in for good measure. “The Maze,” begins with a piano introduction, before the thunder comes in with a startled whip crack, which slowly moves into a slower more darkened edge. “Incomplete,” roles in off the wind with a snarling and chaotic fringe, that takes the bait and smashes it into pieces. “Prologue,” takes on the reins of an ancient melody to build into what comes next.

“Defy Every Storm,” builds itself up into an inferno, slowly weaving the tale of destruction and madness together for the listener’s delight. “Falling With A Crown,” a slow symphony that weaves together different elements before shifting them into something new and complete. “Little Red,” is a riff monster. From the get go it builds itself together and ensures that the listener knows where to turn and where the enemy burns. “In Flames,” filters through the edges of pain and relief, a galloping riff leading the way. “Unireverse,” is a symphonic madness.