‘Alchemical Warfare’ by Dread Sovereign


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“A Curse On Men,” starts things off, and it is haunting, echoing through the periphery.

“She Wolves Of The Savage Season,” hits hard. It is thunderous, ominous and downright foreboding. A roaring vocal line adds to the epicness of the song.

“The Great Beast We Serve,” is epic. The riffs are monstrous, the vocals are raging, the whole band are in fine form, and the listener is hooked line and sinker.

“Her Master’s Voice,” turns the screws through the whirlwind, pressing into the linear system of time. Shimmering and shivering with great delight, the song moves from one epic framework to another, to show off where true light lies.

“Devil’s Bane,” brings the riffage. Sauntering through the whirlpool of time and turning the screws on anything and everything and roaring into the new century.

“You Don’t Move Me,” is a battering ram of a finisher, that cascades through the pithy platitudes to the righteous cause.

A phenomenal album that is out on 15th January via Metal Blade Records.