“Flame Of Tar Valon,” begins with the orchestral arrangements of anticipation and fear. They build to a crescendo before moving into overdrive. The guitars and drums lead the charge from there. The vocals are sharp and precise, moving from one angle to the next. “If It Bleeds We Can Kill It,” is something completely bombastic and out of left field. The guitars and synths drive together and bring about some completely contrasting rhythms and changes. “Grey Wardens,” shift and change on the edge of the world, bringing together orchestral harmonies and chugging riffage, with the odd spattering of lyrical genius thrown in for good measure. “Defenders,” is an epic ballad, mixed with choral arrangements and some fascinating melody work, it truly is a song that would go down a treat when performed live. “Fallen Star,” shimmers and shakes with energy and grace. Producing heaviness from the vocals and the lines that shift and change, performing some interesting shifts and changes. “Angels On Neon Wings,” a song that combines huge symphonic arrangements with bombast and powerful riffs, is a song that is straight out of the epic canon.

“Days Of High Adventure,” starts off softly with piano and strings complimenting one another very well. It slowly moves from that angle, with the strings leading the charge, allowing the vocals to deliver an impactful punch to the gut. “Evermore,” is epic from the start. Driving the way with solid movement, producing epic melodies and even more epic riffs. “The Iron Price,” is heavy and aggressive, slowly trudging through the dirt and the pain to produce some fantastic metal action. “Eternia Eternal,” a song with bombast, the perfect riff delivery and some incredible vocal performances truly is a fitting song and a brilliant closer. That it is followed up with “The Touch,” is an interesting choice, a highly soulful and upbeat song.

Masters Of The Multiverse will be released on 12th October via Limb Music.