‘Under A Godless Veil’ by Draconian


  • Anders Jacobsson / Vocals

  • Heike Langhans / Vocals

  • Johan Ericsson / Guitar

  • Daniel Arvidsson / Guitar

  • Jerry Torstensson / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Sorrow of Sophia

  • The Sacrificial Flame

  • Lustrous Heart

  • Sleepwalkers

  • Moon Over Sabaoth

  • Burial Fields

  • The Sethian

  • Claw Marks On The Throne

  • Night Visitor

  • Ascend Into Darkness

Draconian return after five years with an absolutely spellbinding new album.

“Sorrow Of Sophia,” haunts the periphery, turning the world through the burrows of time. The instrumentation darkens the clouds of the world, whilst the vocals haunt the edges of sanity. A great opener. “The Sacrificial Flame,” burnishes the band’s credentials with some seriously groovy and melodic parts, flowing through the turnstiles of the world with an energetic and curvascious turnstile of patterns. “Lustrous Heart,” roars through the crescendo, smashing through the turnabout and delivering a world without fear or grace.

“Moon Over Sabaoth,” rolls through the tempestuous waves to deliver something incredibly enticing for all the world to see. “Burial Fields,” rolls in with passion and grace, smashing through the barriers of time to push through something intriguing. “The Sethian,” is epic. That is all that needs to be said, from beginning to end, the song is one epic conclusion.

“Claw Marks On The Throne,” diverts through cascades of time, smashing into the whirlwind of emotions that makes up the sensitivities of time. “Night Visitor,” hangs on a penchant, that slowly works into the listener’s mind, burrowing deep within and forcing reflection. “Ascend Into Darkness,” stalks the night, pushing where it perhaps shouldn’t go and delivering a section of delivery for all to feel.

The album is out on 30th October via Napalm Records.