‘Alignments’ by Double Experience


  • Ian Nichols / Vocals and Bass

  • Brock Tinsley / Guitar


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Perish Song

  • New Me

  • Something’s Got To Give

  • Ghost In The Machine

  • My List

  • Your Biggest Fan

  • Born For It

  • So Dumb

  • The Imp

  • Alignments

“Perish Song,”comes in with the thunder. The opening riff is intoxicating and what follows from there is simply brilliant. The vocals are filled with hooks and catchy melodies.

“New Me,” is filled with swagger, and rightly so. That opening riff is brilliant, the vocals drip with confidence. What a way to get the blood pumping.

“Something’s Got To Give,” is an interesting song. One that doesn’t immediately set the world on fire but slowly builds until it unleashes a torrent of chaos on everytone.

“Ghost In The Machine,” swirls about the play, twisting through the portions of the mind and bringing together an interesting switch.

“My List,” thunders on the pathway, bringing together various elements and ensuring that the world knows just where to turn.

“Your Biggest Fan,” is inspirational. The guitars are filled with light and energy, turning the screws ever so slightly.

“Born For It,” is a calling card. One that branches out swirling through the great swathes of time and space, turning the screws ever so slightly and ensuring that the listener is hooked.

“So Dumb,” pushes the line in hard, and twists the screws ever so slightly, ensuring the listener knows where to turn to.

“The Imp,” pushes the limit.

“Alignments,” finishes proceedings off with a thunderous roar. A song that is sure to bring the listener a great amount of pleasure alongside some small dose of pain.

The album is out via Drakkar Entertainment.