‘The Lost Songs: 1978-1981’ by Dokken


  • Don Dokken / Vocals

  • George Lynch / Guitar

  • Juan Croucier / Bass

  • Mick Brown / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Step Into The Light

  • We’re Going Wrong

  • Day After Day

  • Rainbows

  • Felony

  • No Answer

  • Back In The Streets

  • Hit and Run

  • Broken Heart

  • Liar

  • Prisoner

Dokken, a band who were part of the metal scene in the 1980s, who dominated that scene and produced some of the songs that consistently make 80’s soundtracks, return with a deep cuts album, spanning their first three years of existence. Songs that previously didn’t get enough love are now having a light shone on them.

“Step Into The Light,” kicks things off. A song that has a bouncy riff, and a solid rhythm section sees things through. The vocals are hopeful and as the song slowly speeds up, one gets the sense that the band were truly feeling it as they recorded it.

“We’re Going Wrong,” stands firm. A hard riffer that produces some magic moments, most noticeably the little vocal and rhythm section that switches and turns on the knife’s edge.

“Day After Day,” slows things down and turns contemplative. A song that will surely bring about some thoughtfulness for listeners and ensure they pay attention to the changing melodical composition of the song.

“Rainbows,” a song that rolls through the motions, with an impressive rhythm section and a guitar melody that really steals the cake.

“Felony,” speeds things up massively. That riff is something else entirely. A riff that captures the spirit of the times, Dokken’s voice is alive with energy and grit.

“No Answer,” continues the rock and roll fest. The intro riff is infectious and the melodies that weave themselves around it pump the song up several measures.

“Back In The Streets,” keeps things moving. A high speed rocker, the song captures Don Dokken’s voice at its peak. A song that shows just where the band were going and how influential they were and why.

“Hit and Run,” mixes complexions together. Slowly shifting the tempo in and bringing some new arrangements to bear. The riffs are powerful, the melodies are strong.

“Broken Heart,” delves into the early fast paced metal that we’ve seen earlier in the record. The vocals and guitars are on point.

“Liar,” is from a live cut and furious, and heavy. A song that captures the imagination.

“Prisoner,” goes full throttle. A song that is filled with swagger.

The Lost Songs is out on 28th August via Silver Lining Music.