‘The Coffin Train’ by Diamond Head


  • Rasmus Bom Andersen/ Vocals

  • Karl Wilcox / Drums

  • Brian Tatler / Guitar

  • Andy Abberley / Guitar

  • Dean Ashton / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Belly Of The Beast

  • The Messenger

  • The Coffin Train

  • Shades Of Black

  • The Sleeper (Prelude)

  • The Sleeper

  • Death By Design

  • Serrated Love

  • The Phoenix

  • Until We Burn

Diamond Head. The name brings forth all sorts of images. They’re one of the leading bands of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, they were screwed by the industry and brought back through sheer hard work and determination and a helping hand from the Metal Gods Metallica. They’re one of the most influential bands in metal, and their new album The Coffin Train shows why.

“Belly Of The Beast,” the first single on the record starts with the train moving and soon begins with the riffs of heaven ringing out from Brian Tatler’s guitar. There’s a furious energy to the song epitomised by the way that Ras, the vocalist spits the words and the way the chorus hits the listener like an absolute hammer. A great opener.

“The Messenger,” has a bit more of that classic feel to it, a grooving opening riff, that soon powers through into darker and heavier waters. The shredding guitars lend themselves nicely to the powering message of the vocals which are delivered as if from the pulpit.

“The Coffin Train,” is the title track of the record. It starts off slowly, with a clean guitar intro, when the drums kick into gear, the vocals enter there is a very clear sense that something major is about to happen. The song very slowly moves up a gear, and ventures into epic territory. A must for live performance.

“Shades Of Black,” pounds itself away, bringing new life and energy into proceedings. It very slowly becomes clear that this is a song that is going be a mover and shaker, just like Starcrossed was. A song that veers one way and then the next. Simply excellent.

“The Sleeper,” begins with a fascinating little prelude which gradually builds into something more. That something more is haunting and epic, simply weaving together the power of Ras’ vocals and the intuition of the guitar playing.

“Death By Design,” another classic that could’ve fit onto the White Album. This song shreds from the beginning and mixes together all the elements that are so essential to producing something truly magnificent.

“Serrated Love,” is bluesy, with that added hook that reminds me so much of “Sucking My Love,” truly an epic song with nice little twists and turns thrown in for good measure.

“The Phoenix,” slows things down a little. Adding in elements that shift and change, bringing about a fascinating little mix, before moving into overdrive and bringing home the gold. “Until We Burn,” finishes things off slowly shredding its way through to completion.

The Coffin Train is a simply epic album. Do yourselves a favour, get this album when it comes out on May 24th via Silver Lining.