‘Lightning To The Nations 2020,’ by Diamond Head


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Lightning To The Nations

  • The Prince

  • Sucking My Love

  • Am I Evil?

  • Sweet and Innocent

  • It’s Electric

  • Helpless

  • No Remorse

  • Immigrant Song

  • Sinner

  • Rat Bat Blue

Diamond Head return to their brilliant debut album and bring it into the modern era.

“Lightning To The Nations,” kicks things off and the excitement is evident. The vocals soar, the guitars rip, and the rhythm is perfect. This is a band in fine form, ready for everything that is to come their way. “The Prince,” gets electric and brings about some fascinating melodies and grooves. A song that sounds as perfect as it did forty years ago. “Sucking My Love,” swaggers and grooves. Tatler simply soars on that guitar of his, delivering a punch as it was meant to be. Building into the delight that is the band’s classic. “Am I Evil,” is perfection. The opening riff, the chorus, the groove, the breakdown, all of it simply transformed into something delightful and insanely good. A song for the eons.

“Sweet and Innocent,” hits hard, heavier than the original, but with all its charm and complexities to deliver a good time song. “It’s Electric,” the first single from the album is slowed down, contemplative and heavy. Boy is it heavy. That opening riff is something to behold, and Ras’s vocals are simply out of this world. “Helpless,” hits hard. A song that has always delighted fans is given a new workover and brought into the modern era with some seriously shiny new grooves and hammers.

Then come the covers.

Diamond Head nod to Metallica with an uproarious cover of “No Remorse,” dare I say it, the cover is better than the original. “Immigrant Song,” swaggers and sways, Ras channels his inner Robert Plant, and Brian Tatler delivers a thunderous performance on guitar. “Sinner,” grooves with the charm of the Black Country. “Rat Bat Blue,” finishes things off nicely.

Be sure to do yourselves a favour and get this album when it is released on 20th November via Silver Lining Music.