Euphonic Entropy‘ by DIABULUS IN MUSICA


  • Zuberoa Aznáres / Vocals

  • Alexey Kolygin / Guitar

  • Gorka Elso / Keyboards

  • David Carrcia / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Lucid Chaos

  • Race To Equilibrium

  • Nuevo Rumbo

  • The Misfit’s Swing

  • In Quest of Sense

  • Otoi

  • Blurred Dreams

  • On The Edge

  • Our Last Gloomy Dance

  • One Step Higher

  • Blind Muse

  • In The Vortex

DIABULUS IN MUSICA return with their brand spanking new album Euphonic Entropy a series of songs that really hit the listener hard.

“Lucid Chaos,” introduces the album to listeners and ensures that they are immediately hooked, through the distorted caverns of the mind.

“Race to Equilibrium,” is a monster of a song. Sonically it dominates everything in its presence, and ensures that the listener is justified in turning their attention toward the band. The song races through a series of patterns that link together perfectly, to produce something intoxicating.

“Nuevo Rumbo,” races through the mind, producing a song that is highly infectious and delivers something quite beautiful at the same time.

“The Misfit’s Swing,”is filled with a grooving melody, and a tone and temper that really brings together some fascinating elements. As the song progresses, you can tell the band are having the times of their lives performing the song and that really comes through in how energetic and bright the song is.

“In Quest of Sense,” darkens the edges somewhat. Slowly allowing for a filtration of the mind to bleed through, whilst at the same time bringing together orchestral elements that truly show off where things are and how they’re going to proceed from now on.

“Otoi,” delivers a damning verdict on humanity, producing reels and reels of apocalyptic energy and mass.

“Blurred Dreams,” puts the keys centre stage, and allows the world to truly shine through. A song that brings about a new dawn, and a sense of hope for all those who are listening. The vocals are simply serene.

“On The Edge,” slams down hard. Smashing into being and producing something quite compelling and intoxicating.

“Our Last Gloomy Dance,” sneaks its way through, dividing the listener’s attention between melancholy and the teasing of hope that lies right at the end.

“One Step Higher,” roars with power and might. There’s a hint of something more just at the bottom of it all.

“Blind Muse,” sneaks into being, and forces the listener to pay attention to what is unfolding around them. Melodies cascade against one another as the listener embraces the darkness and the light that are battling for supremacy.

“In The Vortex,” goes in hard. Smashing through boundaries and constructs for the delight of all.

The album is out on 14th February via Napalm Records.