‘III’ by Dexter Ward


  • Mark Dexter / Vocals

  • Stelios Darakis¬†/ Drums

  • Manolis Karazeris / Guitar

  • Akis Pastras / Guitars

  • John Tsimas / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Return Of The Blades

  • Soldiers Of Light

  • In The Days Of Epic Metal

  • The Eyes Of Merlin

  • Conan The Barbarian

  • The Dragon Of The Mist

  • Reign Of The White Knight

  • The Demonslayer

Dexter Ward are back, this time with a brand spanking new album filled with heavy metal madness.

“Return Of The Blades,” pulses with energy. The perfect opening song, it growls with energy and might. The vocals set down the gauntlet and show the world what the band’s mission statement is on this fascinating new album.

“Soldiers of Light,” starts off reflective, with the bass really setting the scene, before all chaos is unleashed. The guitars gel together to produce a whirlwind of madness and insanity, whilst the vocals tell the story of the soldiers of light.

“In The Days of Epic Metal,” is simply put, epic. The song structure is such that the listener is immediately hooked the moment things kick off. The vocals soar into being and meld themselves together with a flitting structure of grace and patience.

“The Eyes of Merlin,” has some interesting melodical structures. The introduction is a fine example of the melding of worlds. Slowly the song builds into something more. There is a sense that something epic is being created and driven through to the world. As the song really gets going, that thought is confirmed and the listener is rewarded with something that is simply epic.

“Conan the Barbarian,” unleashes pure chaos. A fast moving rager of a song, that delivers on all elements needed to make a song truly stand out. The vocals are tight and soaring, the guitars roar with pleasure and show that this is a band that truly means business.

“The Dragon Of The Mist,” is a song that has some grandiose moments. The introduction, the driving rhythm of the guitars, the pulsating measurements within which the melodies do battle with one another, as things progresses the mission statement set out in the beginning of the album comes back full circle here. A brilliant song.

“Reign Of The White Knight,” is an interesting song. One which combines the madness of past songs with some simplicity that only a band as experienced and crafty as Dexter Ward could truly pull off. As things progress, the madness is given the upper hand ever so slightly.

“The Demonslayer,” is the epic finisher. A song that sums up the band perfectly. Filled with subtle hints and movements, melodies that build on you before reaching out and grabbing you to enfold you within their embrace. A song structure that does battle with the limits of human imagination.

Get this fantastic album when it is released on 13th March via No Remorse Records.