‘Dealing With Demons I,” by Devildriver


  • Dez Fafara / Vocals

  • Mike Spreitzer / Guitar

  • Neal Tiemann / Guitar

  • Diego Ibarra / Bass

  • Austin D’Amond / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Keep Away From Me

  • Vengeance Is Clear

  • Nest Of Vipers

  • Iona

  • Wishing

  • You Give Me A Reason To Drink

  • Witches

  • Dealing With Demons

  • The Damned Don’t Cry

  • Scars Me Forever

Devildriver,the metal titans return with a brand spanking new album that has something for everything.

“Keep Away From Me,” starts off slowly, hauntingly even, but it soon kicks into another gear and roars itself into the void, demolishing the set up for all time. If is followed by “Vengeance is Clear,” another song that smashes down boundaries and is sure to get mosh pits going when performed live. The third song in this battering introduction is “Nest of Vipers,” a song that slowly taunts the listener with subtle twists and turns before unleashing complete chaos upon the world.

“You Give Me A Reason To Drink,” then hits hard with a somersault of a one two. “Witches,” then brings the roaring riffs and the spitting vocals that capture the imagination and sets the scene quite nicely.

Finally “Dealing With Demons,” slams down and demands to be heard, a song that is sure to smash everything in half for the foreseeable future. “The Damned Don’t Cry,” pushes the blood temperature up and hits the hammer good.

This legendary album is out on 2nd October via Napalm Records, don’t be a fool and ensure you get it.