‘Thrashmageddon’ by Demolizer


  • Ben Radtleff / Vocals and Guitar

  • Aria Mobbarez / Guitar

  • Bjorn Hjortgaard / Bass

  • Max Hansen  / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Copenhagen Burning

  • Cancer In The Brain

  • NTC

  • Bloodshot Eyes

  • Gore

  • Until The Day I Die

  • Lost In Torment

  • Built On Slavery

  • MSW

“Copenhagen Burning,” is raw and furious. The perfect way to kick off this album and the perfect message to send about the sort of band Demolizer are.

“Cancer In The Brain,” hits hard. A song that is filled with fire and fury and captures the spirit of the times perfectly.

“NTC,” rolls in hard and fast. A song that just oozes anger and aggression.

“Bloodshot Eyes,” turns through and brings about an awakening within  the listener. Those pounding riffs are something else entirely.

“Gore,” roars into being and demands full attention.

“Until The Day I Die,” slows things down ever so slightly to give the listener a chance to truly appreciate what is being done, and when the breakdown hits the headbanging starts.

“Lost In Torment,” is ever moving and shifting. A song that shows all the possible emotions in one potent cocktail.

“Built On Slavery,” roars into life and demands to be heard.

“MSW,” growls into being and contains some serious riffage.

The album is out on 11th September via Mighty Music.