‘Life In The City’ by Demise Of The Crown


  • Darren Beadman / Vocals

  • Kevin Alexander / Drums

  • Manuel Iradian / Guitar

  • Vince Doiron / Guitar

  • Simon Doiron / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Dying Heat

  • Sparks Fly

  • Gatekeeper

  • My Mind Is Free

  • Wild Life

  • The Immortal

  • Glorious Life

  • The Rise, The Fall

  • Fixated

  • Lightning Strikes

  • Life In The City

“Dying Heat,”kicks off proceedings with a battering ram of a riff. From there it works its way around, slowly slamming the breaks and getting into breakdown territory. As things go from there, the vocals come in and haunt the living daylights out of the listener.

“Sparks Fly,” is another song that really gets the blood flowing. The vocals are tuned in such a way as to get the listener psyched, with just a hint of Warrell Dane in them. The guitars twist around the melodies and bring them to life.

“Gatekeeper,” pushes things further. Turning the screws ever so slightly. It dances along the pathway to insanity.

“My Mind Is Free,” brings the heaviness of the bass to the fore, allowing the listener to truly focus in on what they consider essential. As it progresses, there’s a sense of completeness and freedom to the whole shebang.

“Wild Life,” works overtime to keep the listener engaged. It moves with a lightning pace to groove and move with thunder and roars with energy.

“The Immortal,” shifts the changing landscape of time forward. It brings about an interesting circumvention toward the place.

“Glorious Life,” brings the technical to life. Moving around like a swirling whirlpool, the guitars get the listener engaged, the drums pound the daylights out of them and the vocals hook them in completely.

“The Rise, The Fall,” is an anthemic song. One that just keeps going no matter what the scenario is.

“Fixated,” brings the burden to bear, shifting the screws ever so slightly. It works itself into a frenzy and pushes boundaries where they’ve never been pushed before.

“Lightning Strikes,” rolls in with the punches. It delivers a solid riff, and an outstanding lead, with a brilliant vocal performance.

“Life In The City,” rolls in hard. It finishes things off nicely.

The album is out on 24th April.