‘Deadrisen’ by Deadrisen


  • Will Shaw / Vocals

  • Rod Rivera / Guitar

  • Tony Stahl /  Keyboards

  • Mike Lepond / Bass

  • Dan Prestup / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Risen Death A.D.

  • Prophecy

  • Destiny

  • The Maker

  • Reach For The Sun

  • Visions

  • Chains Of Time

  • Fear and Fury

  • But You

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls

Deadrisen is a metal super group made up of members of Symphony X and Rivera. Their new album channels their inner influences.

“Risen Death A.D.” is haunting and symphonic, the perfect set up for what is to follow.

“Prophecy,” comes right out of the gate with a snarling riff. The keys in the background add a layer to proceedings, making things that extra delicious. As the song moves into familiar territory, there’s a sense that an underlying darkness is brewing one that will completely shatter every other image before it. The vocals soar into being and bring together some interesting melodies.

“Destiny,” snarls into being. The stop start fluctuations of the initial riff belies the subtleties within the song’s texture that really marks it out as a fascinating new area to explore and one that will bring areas of uncharted brilliant before the listener.

“The Maker,” goes for the big and bombastic scenario. Turning the screws ever so slightly and ensuring that the listener is hooked on subtle variations and that they are left wanting more.

“Reach For The Sun,” has elements of Deep Purple in the initial setup. A song that is layered together excellently and in a manner that has everyone grooving together, and in synchronisation. The guitars on this song are phenomenal.

“Visions,” floats into being. Producing a fascinating dissonance for those intrigued to find it. The acoustic melody floats above the destructive tendencies of the heavy distorted guitars. It brings into being the snarling face of a lion about to snatch its prey.

“Chains Of Time,” goes for a mixture of Rush and Symphony X here, driving the day with some phenomenal instrumentation and some interesting wordplay. A song that is sure to generate a lot of moshpits when performed live.

“Fear and Fury,” is all riff. A song that is brought to bear through the mixture of a guitar riff being echoed and then out matched on the keys. The other elements of the song mix together to produce something intriguing.

“But You,” is a hammer beat into oblivion. A song mixed together well enough that the listener is left twisting and turning, desperate for more.

“For Whom The Bell Tolls,” a cover of the Metallica classic closes off the album and a fitting closer it is.