Days To Come

1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?


A: Justin – Years ago, Brandon and I were frustrated that we had all of the pieces to put a band together except for a drummer. I was at my day job one day and just thought that everything would work out and it would be better in the “days to come”.

Alter Bridge is a huge influence for me. I also grew up listening to 80’s pop and a lot of that influenced me melodically and vocally.

2. How do you approach songwriting? Are there any themes that you are keen to explore when you start off?


A: Justin – Typically, Brandon and I will get together with a few acoustic guitars and work out a rough skeleton of a song. I’ll either already have lyrics written or will write some to go with the music. Once that’s done, we’ll get with Jalen to finish it up.

So far, the content of the lyrics have been between the struggle of self and doing the right thing. It seems to be a theme that I continue to run back to.

3. Why do you write the sort of music that you do?


A: Justin – Music is powerful and music, as an art, is incredibly subjective. I write the type of music that I do based on all of the experiences and influences I’ve had. I can’t really help it or do something else.

4. How do you decide what songs to perform live and how do you transpose them into that live setting?


A: Justin – We want the listener to have an experience at a show. We try to put on a high every, high participation live show and it’s a ton of fun. We pick songs based how they’ve been received by our fans and on the flow of energy they’ll provide in a live setting.

5. What are your plans for the future?

A: Justin -We’re excited to promote our new single Wolves (June 2019) and lyric video. We’re playing a short tour in June with our friends in Ventruss and 7 Stone Riot and we’re playing a longer tour in July around Rock Fest in Wisconsin.