‘If Only You Knew’ by Darker Half


  • Steven Simpson / Vocals and Guitar

  • Daniel Packovski / Guitar

  • Simon Hamilton / Bass

  • Dom Simpson / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Glass Coloured Rose

  • Falling

  • Into The Shadows

  • If Only You Knew

  • Sedentary Pain

  • The Bittersweet Caress

  • Thousand Mile Stare

  • Poseidon

  • This Ain’t Over

“Glass Coloured Rose,” kicks proceedings off. It immediately hits the listener in the face with a galloping rhythm and a solid one-two on the vocals. The band sounds tight, and you can tell that they’re having fun.

“Falling,” another song that comes right out of the gate. It shimmers through, with duelling guitars and a beast of a rhythm section. Slowly it turns through and brings about an interesting duck and dive.

“Into The Shadows,” shifts around, slowly making its way through the darkened landscape before unleashing chaos on all and sundry.

“If Only You Knew,” moves with passion and power. It delivers a solid thump to the face for the listener and gets them engaged.

“Sedentary Pain,” takes an interesting turn. It shifts through the catacombs and moves with a slight twist in the myth. Bringing about a fascinating collection of takes and sides.

“The Bittersweet Caress,” pushes on hard. It smashes through the doors, bringing together different elements of the band’s repertoire and delivers a high functioning pulsating song.

“Thousand Mile Stare,” turns the corner and delivers something like a slap to the back and the front.

“Poseidon,” moves with energy and grace. It takes a turn and slams right into being. Delivering a slanting motion to all and sundry.

“This Ain’t Over,” snarls with perfection and delivers a thunderous glancing blow.

The album is out on 27th March via Massacre Records.