‘Alien Factor’ by Dark Arena


  • Juan Ricardo / Vocals

  • Paul Konjicija / Guitar

  • Emery Ceo / Drums

  • Rhiannon Winsniewski / Keyboards

  • Chris Thomas / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Freedom

  • Fear Of The Night

  • Alien World

  • The Sight

  • Vicious Circle

  • Subterranean Man

  • Somewhere

  • Dark Sorrow

  • Crystallized

“Freedom,” comes in like a whip crack.  Dark Arena come in all guns blazing, ensuring the listener is left with their jaw touching the floor. There’s a lot going on in the song and it is all excellent.

“Fear Of The Night,” brings in a slightly classical feel with the organ intro, before moving into something quite different with the thundering of the guitars and the snarling of the vocals.

“Alien World,” sees Dark Arena resume their thrash inspired brutality, turning the screws up to eleven and going from there.

“The Sight,” twists and turns, burning bridges as it goes and ensuring the listener feels as though they are dangling on edge.

“Vicious Circle,” swamps the listener, it becomes more power metal than anything else. A song that turns the screws and unbridles the world to all.

“Subterranean Man,” comes in like a tank machine. A song that wheels and spins around and allows Dark Arena to show off their skills.

“Somewhere,” twists and turns through the narrow passageways of time. A song that contains a passing fancy and a light of time that mixes things up quite considerably.

“Dark Sorrow,” contains a fulfilling acoustic passage that enables the listener to catch their breath whilst marvelling at the sheer talent of the band.

“Crystallized,” comes in like a battering ram and finishes things off quite nicely.

The album is out on 29th May.