“Prelude,” sets the tone nicely, a riveting little piece that flows and turns. “Still Alive,” is a raging riffer, that moves with great pace and speed. The entire band’s performance is something else entirely, they’re really feeling it, you can tell. The vocals are on fire throughout. “Crystal Sphere,” roars through the waves, the riffs turn and twist on the great scope out on the world. The melodies jive nicely, and bring together and the twisting shimmering light. “Bright Lights,” moves with a ferocious energy, that delivers something quite special throughout. “Neverending Fire,” swims into being, the harmonies are quite tasteful to the ear, the vocals are biting and to the point. “Interlude,” bridges the gap between songs quite nicely.

“Under Ice,” swaggers along, grooving quite nicely, bringing together energy and clout. “One Question,” barrels into being, turning the screw and shifting the patience evermore, it delves deeply into the world and then smashes it out on the floor. “Tomorrow Never Comes,” a raging storm, on the back of a great melody that weaves itself into the very fabric of the listener’s experience. “Tears of Arizona,” softens things up a little on the back of a great piano melody, that shifts tempo and energy numerous times. “Dream Warriors,” is simply epic, turning the screws here and there and allowing for growth throughout.

The album is out on 22nd November via AFM Records.

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