‘Starbourne Traveler’ by Crystal Eyes


  • Mikael Dahl / Vocals and Guitar

  • Niclas Karlsson / Guitar

  • Claes Wikander / Bass

  • Stefan Svantesson / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Gods of Disorder

  • Side by Side

  • Extreme Paranoia

  • Starbourne Traveler

  • Corridors of Time

  • Paradise Powerlord

  • Into The Fire

  • In The Empire Of Saints

  • Midnight Radio

  • Rage On The Sea

“Gods of Disorder,” kicks things off with a pounding drum beat, followed by a driving guitar riff. As the song progresses, the listener is treated to some fascinating guitar melodies and an impressive array of vocal lines.

“Side by Side,” has Running Wild vibes. It’s an anthemic song, one that is sure to get a lot of traction when performed live. Why? Because it’s got a brilliant riff to it, and the vocal melody is just so singable.

“Extreme Paranoia,” is fast and a bit of a rager. It turns through the twisting sands of time, and works through the scope to produce something quite fascinating.

“Starbourne Traveler,” the title track of this record is an interesting mix of big bombastic riffs, soaring melodies and an enchanting bass line. The vocals add an epic sense to the song, ensuring that it is not one that can be ignored, and as such, I think this is a song that must be performed as often as it can.

“Corridors of Time,” gallops on the edges, slowly turning around and filtering into something quite infectious. A song that truly captures a new essence for this legendary band.

“Paradise Powerlord,” takes on a new form. Leading with a nice little staccato rhythm on the guitars, before shifting the tempo slightly and getting a Judas Priest feel to the song. A real mover and shaker.

“Into The Fire,” adds an element of the epic to the proceedings. The introductory guitar solo accompanied by the harmonised guitar is just perfect. As the song progresses, that epicness continues with the galloping rhythms and the sense of urgency that one gets in the vocal melodies and the way the band shifts and changes.

“In The Empire Of Saints,” starts off acoustically, working its way through a few changes. Bringing a real sense of melancholy to proceedings. The guitar solo is a true masterpiece and adds to the depth and quality of the song.

“Midnight Radio,” works into overtime. Driving through with great measurement and precision to deliver something quite unique and refreshing. One can truly feel the urgency in the way the song is shaped and shifted.

“Rage On The Sea,” is the finale of the album. And what a finale it is. It starts off slowly, working itself through into the right grooves and precisions. As the song gets going, the epicness ensues. Driving its way through the border of the world, and through into the listener’s consciousness, things truly get going here. What a way to close things off.

This absolute gem of an album is out on 6th December via Massacre Records. Do yourself a favour and get it!