‘Street Lethal’ by Crazy Lixx


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Rise Above,” hits hard and fast. A song that really grabs the listener by the throat and refuses to let go. Shimmering on the touch, with a riff that sings through the carnage of time.

“The Power,” starts with harmonized vocals, before moving into an absolute blinder of a riff frenzy. An anthem for it all.

“Final Fury,” shimmers along the pathway, creating something meaningful and purposeful.

“Street Lethal,” the title track is a ripper of a song, that advances through the chaos and into the world of time and space.

“In The Middle of Nothing,” soars and sweeps, the bombastic thrills coming out to the fore.

“Thief In The Night,” gets bombastic, harmonic and powerful. A song that really gets itself into the twisting night.

The album is out on 5th November via Frontiers Music.