CRAZY LIXX forever wild COVER.jpg

“Wicked,” kicks things off with a thunderous pounding riff and the gang shout of the ages. It then moves into some straight off rock and roll, ensuring that the listener is hooked. The vocals bite and snarl with the best of them, all in all a great opener. “Break Out,” takes the build up riff and brings it into the 21st century. All over we see the power of the grappling riff and the melodical interchanges that develop something powerful and anthemic. “Silent Thunder,” mixes the keys with staccato riffs, building on the tension, slowly weaving its way into being. As the song progresses so too does the epicness. “(She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face,” comes in sharp with a grooving riff and a biting melody. A song that’s sure to get the crowd going when performed live. “Eagle,” slowly takes the line, the pumping bass line makes things very interesting. The guitars shift in and out, slowly building into something that the vocals turn into epicness.

“Terminal Velocity,” fades into being, with the drums and the guitars jangling accordingly. A sense of growing epicness becomes apparent as the song progresses, so that when the sharp twist comes, everything is floating in and out. “It’s You,” brings the eighties rock feel back to bear. With a jangling riff and melody. “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” a power ballad that would make Michael Bolton proud. Strong melodies and a guitar performance to die for. “Weekend lover,” is a rocker and a half, driving the day and ensuring that the listener is hooked. “Never Die (Forever Wild) is fast paced, driven and determined.

The album is out on 17th May via Frontiers Music.