‘The Moon Is A Dry Bone’ by Corde Oblique


  • Riccardo Prencipe / Guitars,


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Almost Blue

  • La Strada

  • The Moon Is A Dry Bone

  • Le Grandi Anime

  • Le Torri di Maddaloni

  • Il gilio dei Vergini

  • La casa del Ponte

  • Temporary Peace

  • Il terzo suono

  • Herculaneum

  • Almost Blue II

“Almost Blue,” kicks proceedings off with an interesting shift and turn, bringing things to bear.

“New La Strada,” shifts the focus and turns the tide ever so slightly, ensuring the listener is kept on their toes.

“The Moon Is A Dry Bone,” goes in hard and tests the limits and patience, the vocals are powerful.

“Le Grandi Anime,” shifts and stirs.

“Le Torri di Maddaloni,” moves within a fluid gesture, slowly shifting the tide and bringing together an endless stream of perfunctuary statements.

“Il figlio dei Vergini,” takes an interesting turn and truly allows the guitar to shine.

“La casa del Ponte,” takes a darker turn, shimmering through the glue and delivering a push.

“Temporary Peace,” pushes in hard.

“Il Terzo Suono,” is haunting.

“Herculaneum,” slowly shifts the tide.

“Almost Blue pt 2,” turns through the pressing motion to deliver something soothing.