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“Under The Surface,” is slow and melancholic, hauntingly set up to deliver maximum performance. “Desire,” comes galloping into being with some seriously gnarl vocals and guitar riffs. It dances around and kicks the listener in the face. “Devil In Me,” rocks the house down with a swaggering riff and some seriously gnarly vocal melodies. It dances down the track and hits it out the park. “Left Me Haunted,” veers one way and then the next, slowly producing a line shift and ensuring that the listener knows where to look. “Ammunition,” takes a chance down the line, shifting this way and that. Producing an element of chaos and gnarly melodies which fill the listener with an intriguing sense of where this might all be going. “After The Fall,” takes no shit, and turns the way this and that. The vocals show that the listener is meant to listen in for the deeper elements.

“Volatile,” comes pounding into being, swaggering through on the back of a seriously gnarly riff. “Invisible,” turns and twists with equal measure. Bringing about some fascinating changes and melodical features. “In Your Shadows,” takes a slow measure to the old routine and slowly hits the listener in the face. “A New Disaster,” takes a sharp turn here and there, ensuring that the listener is hooked. “Fear Is Yet To Come,” brings about some interesting shifting tones.

The album is out on 24th May.