‘Time Assassin’ by Cloven Hoof


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Guardians Of The Universe,” kicks off the new Cloven Hoof album, the follow up to Dominator the band’s eighties masterpiece. The song has a driving riff and the vocals soar through, narrating the beginning of the end for the Dominator. The band sound tight and ready to rumble. A great start.

“Lords Of Death,” suits the title, suitably ominous and epic. A song built on a ferocious riff that shifts and turns as the time changes. The breakdown comes and the listener is immediately pulled into a headbanging frenzy. A driving melody comes forth to turn and twist the portal of time for all to see.

“Time Assassin,” the title track is epic. A galloping riff melds together with some seriously groovy melodies to get the listener hooked. You can tell we’re reaching the conclusion of the epic, and the band are on fire.

“Highwayman,” shimmers and shifts. Bringing together a new story, blending together subtle melodies with a fiery presence that haunts on the edge of time. And that riff at the end of the introduction? That is the stuff dreams are made of.

“Carnival Of Lost Souls,” is an amazing conclusion to a phenomenal record. A song that slams down hard, pressing through the foraging masses with a kick to the face and a boot to the groin. The melodies and the riffs weave together to produce something phenomenal and the vocals? The vocals are simply out of this world.

Cloven Hoof have surpassed themselves on Time Assassin, this is an amazing album, perhaps their best yet. Do yourself a favour and get this album when it is released on 11th March via Heavy Metal Records.